A startup that helps businesses and brands
Sleep Well by analyzing data from physical supply chains.

Physical Supply Chains are Dynamic

Managing and reducing related risks should be too.

We provide Business Insights

  • Eliminate key dark spots in your physical supply chain.
  • Manage, anticipate, assess, and reduce related risks.
  • Improve communications across your stakeholder network.


A quality assurance and risk mitigation platform for physical cargo.


Assurance of cargo integrity
with unmatched ease of use
and no reverse logistics.

Mobile App

Sync with SmartTapes to add
photos, comments, and gain
timely information.

Web Platform

Integrates SmartTape location,
status, and photos with other
relevant cargo data.

Forget about Reverse Logistics

Key to TransitSecure is the SmartTape, a productivity friendly and disposable data acquisition tool.

No Hassle

SmartTape follow the same flow as your cargo, nothing more.

TransitSecure: In the field

Supply Chain Decisions become
Data Driven Decisions

TransitSecure analyzes data through a cost-efficient method, aggregates field notes, alerts, and combines other relevant data sources to provide a clear view on the physical integrity of containers and the status of operations.

Business Insights

Get visibility, plan & execute better and gain more profitability.

Accurate and reliable records

Have a digital footprint of your
cargo movements at a unit
and portfolio level.

Supply chain visibility

Get understanding on the KPIs
that drive your cargo.

Orchestrate your moves

Plan and react on-the-go
to ensure cargo movements
occur as desired.

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